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About Us
Konalae Kennels came to be while being stationed in Hawaii the second time.  I became very interested in the breed in 2003 and began doing more research and found this was indeed the breed for me and so I adopted my first Japanese Spitz, Nani.  She was a delight and our entire family fell in love with her and the breed and so began Konalae Japanese Spitz. Since this time I have adopted several more Japanese Spitz.  


I started with an import from Australia to mate with my Nani girl. His name is Australian Champion Missetsu Phantom Warrior or Warry for short.  Next came Missetsu Shirio Hato, Holly, also from Australia.  Then we were transferred to Texas and more imports joined us there, Lady Dinga of Beyond, Mia, from New Zealand, and Aya-San's Charming Cute Norwegian, Jasna, from Denmark next came Red Ridges Sweet Isabella, Izzy, from North Carolina, then Houndbrae Victor, Toby from the UK; next came Noidens Loveable Linn, Emma from Sweden.  My last overseas import Isumi's Shiro Xonomi Rose of Texas, Nakita came from Sweden and finally from Wiscosin, Kiraleea's A Star is Born, Jade,  I kept two pups from my 2008 litter, Konalae's Minako Aki, Miley, and Konalae's Miyoko Natsumi, Ausra, who is co-owned with my brother plus one puppy from my 2010 litter, Konalae's Princess Hermione, Anya and most recently two puppies from my 2013 litters, one who is co-owned with a  friend in Dallas, and then from my final litter with Anya I kept Konalae's KaHiwa 'Auli'i, Nala.  I'm looking forward to what we can do and where we're headed! It's an exciting time here at Konalae Kennels!


My dogs are members of my family and we love our dogs with everything we have.  My children help me raise the puppies and show the dogs with me in as many shows as I can get them to.  We've found a great hiking trail close to home that the dogs love, very rocky though, but lots of fun. I think Warry's favorite part was the squirels he sure does like to chase them! 

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