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Konalae's Princess Hermione

She's out of coat in these photo's as she completetly blew her entire undercoat out following her last litter of puppies!  It's nice and cool in our Texas heat though!  She's truly enoying the new house there so much more room to run and play inside and out plus the pool it's a giant water dish :)


Anya is growing up to be a beautiful girl!  She has a lot of her mama Jasna in here as you can see from these pictures but I see of Niko too!  Good pup she is, and oh how she loves her Kelsi!


Anya attended her first UKC show in early December 2010 and did really well!  She just might make it ;)  I hope to attend a few more UKC shows in 2011 with her!  Anya is from Jasna's second litter, father is Niko of IMAG JS in California.  She is a bundle of energy!  She's really turning out beautiful :) Seriously considering doing agility training with her as she's really a quick learner and so eager to please : )  She is showing some great promise.


Anya is quite the ham, she LOVES water and definitely going to be our water dog, she will empty the water dish out onto the floor so she can swim!  We put in a small kids pool for her and she Loves it, lays in it constantly!  Took her out to the lake and OMG she is in heaven out there!  Not sure which she liked more the water or the boat ride!


We completed puppy training classes, oh what a riot she was one of the smallest dog there but not the loudest : )  Took the girls to training too and proved to be great training for all of us!  Looking forward to her progress as we go on to the intermediate class (waiting for her to come in season then after we will join this class).  Just might have to continue the training and get her canine good citizen badge... we'll see how she does.. baby steps for now :)  Great socialization for her though, we had a poodle, 2 black labs, a boxer, and a few others too... big class with lots to explore for them all... loved our trainer too she's a trainer for Sea World - dolphins and sea lions!!  She's moving on though so we'll see what we do about the intermediate class...

Our little princess when she was 8 weeks old, showing some great potential!  

Konalae's Princess Hermione  "ANYA"   February 21, 2010   

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