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 I kept one female from Izzy and Toby's litter, Ausra and sent her to my brother who's been after me for one of my dogs since the first time he met them.   My nephew was convinced that as children my brother and I had to have had a white dog as we've always wanted a mid sized white dog... now we both have one, we had never owned a white dog in all the dogs we had as kids. 


Ausra now lives in Oklahoma with my brother and his wife and their rescued Sheltie dog Vargar.  She has such a loving personality, she's a true people pleaser!  Although my brother tells me she has a liking for clothes, she likes to sleep with them... they've chased down many a pair of socks and bras!  She has begun her basic obedience courses and they are working hard to potty train her, though she thinks the doggie door is more for playing and getting those clothes outside to play!
Ausra  has gotten so big and has really turned into a nice looking dog!  She in long in the body like her grandmother, which could mean good things for my breeding program : )
I'm very pleased to see how well Ausra is doing!  She has a GREAT tempermant and loves to be around people and other dogs!  She is loving our walks and the hikes I take my dogs on so she's been exploring a lot here in the past week!  She has scout in her that's for sure as she loves to explore and try new things...

Ausra up in Kansas... here she's 4 months old

 We brought Ausra up to Kansas with Miley for Thanksgiving so she'd have some company as she made her adjustment to her new home living with Lima and the family.  Laima is an Australian Sheep dog and is getting up there in age, but Ausra is winning her over and Laima is beginning to play with her now too.  We had a great visit and everyone dotted on both the puppies while we visited for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Ausra seems to be enjoying the snow too!  Lucky little pup!


Konalae Miyoko Natsumi   September 8, 2008

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