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Konalae's Hawika Makaka

 I kept one female from Ausra and Jasper's litter, Suki and sent her to a friend in in Dallas, TX who's been after my brother for one of my dogs since the first time she met Ausra.   She is spoiled rotten and loved beyond my wildest imagination which is just what I wanted for her!  She is loving it, travels all over the US via plane mostly but in cars too... she loves to go places and is the queen of the land :). 


Suki is such a loving dog!  She hadn't been back to see us since she was 10 weeks old and came back at 1.5 years old and you'd have thought she had been here her entire life... she is so friendly, loves to be around you and with you, especially is she can lay on back of the couch!  She's so cat like!  Such a wonderful personality she has!  Going to miss her when she heads back up to Dallas but at least she's only 4 hours away!

Konalae Hawika Makaka  August 5, 2013

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