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UKC & INT CH Houndbrae Victor, Import United Kingdom

 Hard to believe but Toby is now 4 years old!!!   Toby is doing so great both in the show ring and as a great stud dog.  He is a proud papa too.  Can't wait to put his offspring into the show ring with him!  Toby has gone to Florida for a while to perform some stud services and get some much needed rehab and relaxation time!  He will be with the best possible family around, Michelle and her family are the BEST!  Take good care of my Toby Boy!  

Toby earned his International Champion Title at the International Dog show held June 28-29, 2008!  Toby is maturing well and can't wait to see him continue his show career.  We have a few more upcoming shows this summer and early Fall if we're able to make them!  Oh how I love the Triple Crown Academy in Hutto, TX (it has AC and heat) great indoor arena for dog shows!  Toby did great, the judges really gave his overall great critiques!

 We are now working on strengthening Toby's front quarters as he still likes to paddle when he's walking, just needs to do some serious swimming since he hates the treadmill (who of us doesn't!)  We hope to show our improvements at the UKC Judges seminar in September.  He is such a wonderful pup!  He is one of my most loving dogs, he's definitely a mama's boy : )  He loves to follow me everywhere.

NEWS:  Toby and Jasna take First Place for the UKC 2007 Top Ten Show Dog Competition for the breed!  They have been invited to the 2007 Top 10 dogs competition on June 12, 2008 in Michigan.

 Toby at the UKC Texas Classic January 25-27, 2008.  He won his Champion class all four shows over Jasna.  He performed well and we had a great time with our friend Katrina and Orlando from Wisconsin.  Orlando was truly on this weekend and is more mature than Toby so he took the Breed each show but we did have so very much fun!  I am so proud of Toby for his excellent work this weekend he did a great job!  Can't wait for our rematch when Toby has matured a bit more, his chest drops and his coat fills out around his head : )  We plan to continue our showing next month and keep up our practice!

 Toby makes Champion with the UKC dog show July 21-22, 2007.  We had a great show and Toby did awesome.  In show 2 Toby won the Group 1 beating out the American Eskimo Champion dog for this win so I'm especially proud as he is the first to have accomplished this!!!  He took two Group 3's and one Group 2 as well this weekend.  We were up against the Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Klee Kai, and the American Eskimo's.   It was a great weekend and Kelsi also showed on Saturday and helped me out in the ring with Jasna.  The show was a lot of fun and again here in Texas.  I love our indoor arena up in Hutto, TX.  It's only 1.5 hours from me and has AC and heat : ) Makes it a great year round place for dog shows!  We're very proud of Toby and his accomplishments this weekend.

TOBY WINS BEST PUPPY IN MULTI-BREED SHOW at the Lone Star Louisiana ToyFox Terrier Association UKC Show February 24, 2007 in Hutto, TX.   Takes a Reserve Best Puppy in Multi-Breed Show on February 25, 2007.   Way to go Toby!! 

TOBY arrived January 31 and has came from very dear friends who have been breeding the Japanese Spitz for over 20 years in England.  I have been on the wait list since I found the breed, and finally it's my turn.   He is already showing great promise on the show front as well, he is hitting his stance without any coaching or training!!  I'm so excited about being able to get Toby into the ring, he's such a natural and the judges loved him as did a lot of the spectators ; )  We finally came an agreement on a call name for him, Toby.  It was my husbands turn to pick a name but we all had to agree on it as well, that was the trick!  Toby is learning his name fast and is doing fine.  He is getting big fast!  He's already taller than Jasna and Mia so the race is on.


      Above pictures from the United Kingdom...

   He is full of energy and load of fun.  His teeth are still sharp but so is he.  He loves to play ball and has adjusted well to being in the US and with my 3 older dogs.  Mia and Jasna will play with him, and run around with him outside, though I often wonder if its just to be able to steal his food or treats!  Jasna is the trickiest of the bunch but she also plays the most with him.   The girls are loving having a puppy in the house again, especially Jordan.    Kelsi wants him to be her little baby and tries to carry him like one which doesn't last long as he's a heavy boy for her.  This little boy is solid!

Toby at 3 months of age...


 Toby at 6 months of age...


Toby's first swim and trip out on the boat... He gained his true sea legs very quickly!  For Toby's first swim he wasn't too sure about having to climb back into the boat but he truly seemed to enjoy his swim and the boat ride!  It was a pretty fun trip... it was good fun and all the other dogs were jealous when he came home.

Toby July 21 at the UKC Dog show...

  Houndbrae Victor, November 11, 2006      Breeder: Margaret Craig-Woodward, Import: United Kingdom

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